David Long * My hobbies and photo

I like hiking, swimming and ice skating, but above all snorkelling, scuba diving and travelling to far-away countries. Some other interests are researching my family tree and playing with technical gadgets such as GPS devices ("expensive toys for big boys"). I especially like flight simulators, network hardware and VoIP solutions, etc. etc .... I also like single malt whiskey, especially Laphroaig. In fact, I am now a friend of Laphroaig (click here to see certificate, 100 kB). But I don't drink it too often - it's quite strong.

In short, I have a lot of interests.

I look forward to working on new international projects where I travel a lot, earn well and meet lots of interesting people. At present I work mainly in Hannover.

 David Long

This is what I normally look like.

Click here to see what I look like when I am on holiday.



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