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Some of the websites I have made are listed on my other domain, www.davidlong.com

From 1996 to 2000 I participated in the EU TEMPUS/TACIS Project "Foreign Languages and New Technologies". This project was an academic exchange between Zaporozhye University, Ukraine and the Universities of Hannover, Hildesheim and Rouen. The project was quite successful, and a follow-up project was started in 1998. Both projects were coordinated by Dominique Gillissen at the EU Project Coordination Office of Hannover and Hildesheim University.

In addition to helping Dr. Frank Wanning to install a PC network at Zaporozhye University in June 1996, I helped to install an internet connection and set up email accounts for the Faculty of Foreign Languages. I also held a series of lectures and workshops for Ukranian students on MS Windows, MS Word, Using Email and Internet and also on West European Society.  I am webmaster for the English and German language website.

Zaporozhye University awarded me an honorary degree of M.A. in September 1996 and a Dr. h.c. in April 1999.

In addition to regular discussions and meetings with the staff of the Faculty of Romanic and Germanic languages and other University staff including the University Rector, I  received a lot of help in my day-to-day work in Zaporozhye from Anatoly Nikolajevitsch Prykhodko.

Professor Hans van Zon of Sunderland University, who I met in Zaporozhye, has written a number of very interesting books about commerce and industry in Eastern European countries, for example "Social and economic change in Eastern Ukraine". The books can be ordered from www.amazon.com or www.amazon.co.uk.

I also helped with a development project in the Ghana Volta Region. In addition to helping  Queen Gabrielle Bansah of Hohoe, Ghana to set up a web site, I hope to have time one day to travel to Ghana to  meet the Paramount Chief of the Hohoe District (GBI Traditional Area).

My partner is Nicola Krämer, a landscape architect. She also sells unusual products for hobby gardeners, for example slug fences (German: Schneckenzaun) and mycelia (spawn) for growing edible mushrooms such as shiitake and oyster mushrooms (German: Pilzbrut für Shiitake und Austerpilze), gardening accessories and mexican tiles / talavera ceramics, mexikanische Fliesen.

A good solicitors office in Soho, London:
Gersten & Nixon, web site: www.gerstenandnixon.com and www.gernix.co.uk

A good architekt in Hamburg:
Stephan Krämer, web site: www.stephankraemer.de

An interesting artistic product for gardens: see www.kunst-fuer-den-garten.de.

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