David Long * Online examples of my work

If you want to see some examples of my other work, have a look at the Trebing & Himstedt website.

I created the original English language version of this site (I worked directly in the HTML editor Microsoft Frontpage to preserve the layout).

I also translated practically all of the English language documentation for this company. In the Download section, see e.g. the Acrobat PDF files for "PROFIBUS Server" and "SPI3 Fieldbus module for MODBUS" (here I worked directly in Adobe PageMaker and Adobe FrameMaker, respectively, to preserve the layout and graphics). Right click on the FTP buttons to copy the PDF files to your hard disk, and load them for viewing in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In addition, a couple of years ago I translated nearly all of the texts on the TelDaFax website, the GeoNet website and texts on the website for Corporate Interactive (COIN content management system).

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